Get a start-up grant

As concerted per email, we decided to transform the last part of the program from an on-location event, to a start-up grant competition + personal advice. Here is how it works.

Eligible for this call are only those who completed the Entrepreneurship program by seed and Analytica.

Send your business plan

If you want to participate, please send your business plan by October 30th to Luca by email. Remember to indicate in the message your available times for an online discussion of about 1h (preferred days are Mondays all day or Tuesdays morning).

The business plan should be structured as follows:

  1. Executive summary (1 page)
  2. Business idea (1/2 page)
  3. Market analysis (2 pages max)
  4. Products / services (2 pages max)
  5. Clients (1 page)
  6. Marketing (2 pages max)
  7. Staff (short bios)
  8. Financial plan

Personal advice

You will benefit from a 1h personal advice on your business plan, which will take place during the first week of November.

Final submission

Send your final business plan by November 20th, 2011. A jury (composed by seed members + external evaluators from CSD) will provide feedback on your project and select the winner (or winners).


Grants will be assigned for a total of 400.- CHF. The jury will decide how to assign grants and their decisions will be non-opposable.

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The workshop in “real time”

The workshop is started! A bunch of very bright and dynamic young people is at work with seed for developing new work opportunities in Macedonia. To read the daily reports of the project, please have a look at seed’s blog.

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Workshop materials

Are you getting ready for the workshop?

We just published a page with a few workshop materials – be sure to check it out before we start!

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Week 9 – Preparing for the face-to-face workshop

And here we are, to the final week of our online training!

So, this week we prepare for the training. As you have seed, we published a program for it – but of course we can fine-tune it still!And remember, the workshop is not the movies. A training event is something we build together – we as trainers, you as participants, but the outcome will be the result of our joint effort.

So, write a short post about your expectations for the workshop. What would you set as an objective for that week? What topics would you like to discuss? What do you expect to learn?

Of course, time will be limited, so that we will not be able to accomodate everything – but we’ll do our best!

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Workshop draft program

Under “workshop” we published a draft of the program. You will not fine details, but you will be able to see the key topics and phases of the workshop. Enjoy!

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Week 8 – Read the stories and find a message

Your task for this week is to go and read the story posted by your colleagues on their blogs. What elements from these more “local” stories echo the ones in the other stories we read? What new elements emerge?

Choose the 2 or 3 that you like more, and write a short post on your blog about the reason for your choice. Don’t focus on a story, but on the message or feature that you find interesting. Try to define this message with a keyword, and use that keyword as title of your post.

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And the winner is…

I finally took time to visit ALL your blogs, and so I now know who is your favorite entrepreneur. So, the winner is… Frixos Papadopoulos!! (followed by Richard Branson).

So, you like the big fish ;-) ).

I also see we already have some nice stories from your interviews – go read them, they are very very useful. A few points emerging so far:

  1. The importance of choosing the right partners
  2. Adaptability, identifying “the gap”
  3. Doing what you like, and believing in it
  4. Persistence
  5. Persistence
  6. Persistence

So, be persistent! In a few weeks we’ll meet!

PS: I put in [brackets] the blogs of those of us who are not really active, so that we can directly point to active blogs. If you got bracketed but you still want to be with us, please let me know by email. Thanks!

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Week 7 – Interview 2

Hi all!

If you checked this post earlier, you will have noticed that it came out pretty short…

Now, the REAL task for this week is to write down the interview, and write it as a hosrt story, as in the example we have read a couple of weeks ago.If you wish to keep some confidential information, you can change the names and places in the story – this is not a problem until the story makes sense.

A good story will focus on a single key message (what is really the strong point you found in the person you interviewed? What did you learn?), and will stay in 1 A4 page.

When you have a good story, publish it on your blog as post or as PDF (if you can, with a picture!).

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Week 6 – Interview

OK guys, so far we talked. Inspiring, but somehow still vague.

Now, we hit the ground and get going.

Your tak for this week is to meet a testimonial, that is, somebody who is some steps further on the road. Choose a local entrepreneur you think is doing well.

“An entrepreneur” can be the owner of a company, an attorney, the head of your block’s coffee shop or restaurant, whatever. “Local” means that it is close to you, and you can meet him in person.

Your task is interviewing her or him, so that you can produce a short story like the ones we had on this blog a couple of weeks ago. Here is a draft of key questions (adapt them as you wish!):

  1. What is your business? Why did you choose it?
  2. When did you decided to start? Why?
  3. What was the worst moment in the development of your business? What the best ones?
  4. What would you suggest to a future entrepreneur?

Good luck – and post the stories when they are ready!

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Week 5 – Inspiration and paths

Last week we read four stories and you picked the one you found most inspiring, explaining on your blog why that path is impressive.

This week your task is to read carefully at least 4 posts on other participants’ blogs.
What inspires them? What impress them? Are those the same aspects you were inspired by? Did somebody outline an issue of a path you couldn’t see? Why couldn’t you see it?

Keep in mind that differences and similarities can help you on analyze your source of inspiration and the issues you may encounter during your path. Then write a comment on at least 2 of the posts you read.

(and beware, that this is the last week you will be quietly sitting in front of your computers for this course – we’ll start running from next week!)

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