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After three weeks of (online) training  I found very interesting things in your blog. Indeed, we are starting to get ready for our meeting in Skopjie and for working seriously on your entrepreneurship ideas.

There is one thing missing still: critical sense. Our colleague Maria Manasieva puts is clearly in her “off the record” post, which I invite you to read. The point is: don’t just tell “great, I like it, you have my support, etc. etc.”, but let’s help each other to get deeper into our decisions and ideas.


I very rarely found ideas which were perfect in the first place. Most ideas need refinements, rethinking, sometimes revolutions, before they really make sense. So do our projects here, and this is why we are doing this path together: helping each otehr revolutionize and improve our ideas.

Changing (even improving) ideas can be painful – so, let’s be frank but kind. It iwll be like fresh air for everybody! Thanks!

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