Where can I find information about this program?

All important information will be published at http://entrepreneurship.seedlearn.org

Is the online part of the program important?

Yes, it is a fundamental preparation part. Attendance and completion of tasks is a mandatory requirement for the face-to-face workshop. If you have troubles in attendance, please contact the instructors.

How much should I work for the online part of this program?

To attend effectively the online part of the program, plan investing 2-3h per week. Remember to visit the central blog every monday morning and read the week’s instructions.

How do I open my blog for this program?

There are many possibilities, but we recommend http://wordpress.com (if you do not like it, please consider blogger.com or splinder.com)


for any problem do not hesitate to contact the instructors (Vanessa & Luca) or the local coordianator (Agim) by email. Please start the title of your email messages with “MK: “(for example ” MK: help!!”) it will be easier to sort email.

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