This blog is the central online learning center for the program Training Young Entrepreneurs for Success promoted by the Swiss NGO seed and the Macedonia think-tank Analytica, and sponsored by the Swiss company CSD Engineers and Youth for Development, a youth program of DSC.

Entrepreneurship attitudes include becoming aware of one’s potential for creating new opportunities, being able to manage risks, collaborate positively with others. Entrepreneurship skills, on the other hand, include writing business plans, account managing, human resource management, etc. Both entrepreneurial attitudes and skills are of vital importance when someone wants to start business, with a proper structure, a good financial administration and the right long-, middle- and short-term goals. As the World Economic Forum report puts it, entrepreneurship skills and attitudes are relevant not only for potential entrepreneurs, but also for increasing the employability of any person and thus assuring his or her social inclusion in society (WEF, 2009).

Entrepreneurial attitudes and skills are a key for allowing young people in Eastern Europe to imagine and build a different future. More precisely, this project aims to

  1. train young potential entrepreneurs
  2. train trainers and tutors of young entrepreneurs;
  3. provide a long-term tutoring support for new enterprises

The program includes an online training, a local workshop which will be held in Skopje in April 2011, a tutoring period and a networking event.

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