This program is sponsored by CSD Engineers, a Swiss engineering company, with the support of the Youth for Development Program.


Founded in 1970, CSD is owned by its managers and offers its customers continuity based on trust and independence. CSD is one of the leading engineering consultancy enterprises in Switzerland. CSD offers consultancy services and develops cost-efficient solutions to improve quality of life and the environment. These activities encompass the fields of construction, environment and natural resources.

CSD offers its customers services provided by teams of professionals who are used to working together to develop effective solutions:  civil engineers, environmental specialists, geologists, hydrogeologists, geographers, geotechnicians, chemists, biologists, foresters, process engineers and energy engineers.

CSD has a network of 27 branches in Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Lithuania. This network means that our customers are able to benefit from expert service from a local company. CSD develops complex projects for both the local authorities and private customers: industrialists, real estate professionals and service corporations. The quality and success of CSD’s projects have shaped its reputation amongst regional and national authorities and help to safeguard customer loyalty.

Learn more at www.csd.ch

Youth for development

Youth for development stands for projects and initiatives designed by and for youth in the field of development cooperation. Youth for development advocates for development there, where youth are not only the recipients of help, but are also independent actors and partners.

Young people under 25 make up more than half of the world’s population today. And yet, particularly in countries of the South, youth are often born into conflict-filled surroundings. They constitute a particularly vulnerable group and are especially keenly affected by poverty, discrimination of various kinds, the chaos of war and scarce access to education and work.

Regarding youth as special partners is a must in development policy because of this demographic starting point and the lack of future prospects. After all, six of the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) directly concern youth. Young people are the future of tomorrow and possess an enormous ability to transform when they are involved and able to participate in shaping the future.

This is where Youth for development comes in. Each and every individual can change something and shape a better and more sustainable future for all. Even small initiatives can trigger big changes. As the umbrella association of Swiss youth organizations, SNYC has become familiar with the needs and concerns of young people through many years of experience. With the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), SNYC carries out various projects and supporting activities that contribute to the development of the potential of young people in Switzerland and in target countries.

Learn more at www.youthfordevelopment.ch

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