Week 1 – Let’s start!

The first week in our program is for heating the engines, and preparing to work.

How the course works

The online activities have a very simple structure. Every monday you will find on this blog a post (like this one) explaining the week’s activity. You are usually required to read something, analyze a text, and provide feedaback to other participants. Please do that before Thursday, if you can, so that we will be able to wrap up the results for the following monday!

Working language

The working language of the whole program is English, so please all texts you produce (emails, or on your blog) must be in English. Do not worry if you make errors or if you have doubts – just strive to make yourself understood. We will ask if something is not clear :-) )

Where you should publish your work

To participate in this training, you will need a blog. This is a very simple web site where you can write the required texts for this course (and also your thoughts!). Your blog will be public, so that other participants and the trainers will be able to see what you write.

If I need help?

If you need help, please write an email to the trainers of this program, answering to the first email you received.

Now … the first activity!

As a task for this week, please do the following:

  1. Open your personal blog: you can do this for free on the Internet, for example at http://wordpress.com/ (or www.blogger.com, but this is more limited). If you already have a blog, you can decide if you use that one, or if you prefer to make a new one: it’s up to you!
    For people who attend the program in groups: please open one blog per person – this first part of the training is on individual basis.
  2. In your blog, make sure that people can write comments to your posts. We will use this feature for our work. If you want, you can also customize the blog (changing colors, fonts, etc.). This is doable with the tools made available by WordPress.com.
  3. Then make your first post, which is titled “YourName YourSurname self presentation“. Introduce yourself and, if you can, upload a picture. How to present yourself? Take the trainers’ profiles in this blog as an example. In this presentation please do not present your business idea – this will come later, and not on the web, as ideas have a value which should be protected.
  4. Once the blog is ready, please send the trainers an email indicating the web address of your blog, for example http://entrepreneurship.seedlearn.org
  5. We will publish on this blog all addresses of participants’ blogs. Please take time to go and visit them. It is very important we know each other for sustaining effective team work.

In case it is useful, here is a short guide to blogging [Blog_guide]

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