Week 2 – Who wants to be an entrepreneur?

Thanks for all the blogs you opened. As you can see, they are connected now to this blog (see bottom right). So now… we are ready to start week two!

As a start we will take the example of a VERY famous entrepreneurs, founders of one of the most successful companies of our times (although they went also through a deep crisis). This inspiring person is Steve Jobs. On the day he received an Honoris Causa title at Stanford, he delivered an insightful speech on being an entrepreneur – and much more.

As a start, please view the video.

Steve Jobs gives very deep reasons for being an entrepreneur. You are now starting a program for becoming an entrepreneur – what are your reasons for it?

Your assignment for this week is to go to your blog and write a post of maximum 20 lines about why you would like to become an entrepreneur. Keep in mind that there are no right or wrong answers, so feel free to say what you really think! This will help to make the discussion useful. Remember to do this before Friday!

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