Week 4 – Some entrepreneurs’ stories

Hello everybody and welcome in week 4!

Last week each of us commented on others’ reasons to become an independent entrepreneur. These reasons are the starting point of a path that may lead to becoming an entrepreneur. Each path will present different needs, different issues and different approaches.

As we are at the starting point of our paths, it can be useful to watch others’ entrepreneurs paths!

This week you are asked to read 4 entrepreneurs stories

  1. Frixos Papadopoulos
  2. Marco Turco
  3. Richard Branson
  4. Massimo Annoni

Pick the story you feel is the most inspiring and involving; choose freely, focusing on your thought.
Then go to your blog and write a post of maximum 20 lines telling which story you have chosen, why is it inspiring, which aspects or part of the path you were impressed by and why.

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