Week 6 – Interview

OK guys, so far we talked. Inspiring, but somehow still vague.

Now, we hit the ground and get going.

Your tak for this week is to meet a testimonial, that is, somebody who is some steps further on the road. Choose a local entrepreneur you think is doing well.

“An entrepreneur” can be the owner of a company, an attorney, the head of your block’s coffee shop or restaurant, whatever. “Local” means that it is close to you, and you can meet him in person.

Your task is interviewing her or him, so that you can produce a short story like the ones we had on this blog a couple of weeks ago. Here is a draft of key questions (adapt them as you wish!):

  1. What is your business? Why did you choose it?
  2. When did you decided to start? Why?
  3. What was the worst moment in the development of your business? What the best ones?
  4. What would you suggest to a future entrepreneur?

Good luck – and post the stories when they are ready!

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